A Foundation of Love

It’s an amaz­ing thing to be part of a strong fam­ily. A good fam­ily pro­vides sup­port, love, and care, hold­ing on to us when we are going through the crazy times of life. Unfor­tu­nately there are far too many peo­ple in this world, even in our own neigh­bor­hood, who lack some­one who loves and cares for them uncon­di­tion­ally. That means in their moment of need, they are alone.

We can change that. We can be that fam­ily mem­ber, that friend, that neigh­bor who shows uncon­di­tional love. A Few Good Men exists to build rela­tion­ships between the needy and the neigh­bors who want to meet their needs. We are call­ing men and women to be a friend to the lonely, a defender for the weak.

Com­mu­nity Out­reach Reach­ing the Defense­less (C.O.R.D.) is our ini­tia­tive to make that hap­pen. As our fol­low up min­istry, C.O.R.D. con­nects those in need with a friend from a local church.

There are two kinds of C.O.R.D. rela­tion­ships: The Friend and The Coach. The Friend will pro­vide sup­port, com­pan­ion­ship, and pro­tec­tion to those who are legit­i­mately vul­ner­a­ble for rea­sons of dis­abil­ity or age. The Coach will help the down-and-out get back on their feet. He will guide his new friend through Dave Ramsey’s Finan­cial Peace Uni­ver­sity cur­ricu­lum, pro­vid­ing account­abil­ity, inspi­ra­tion and wis­dom along the way.

Ulti­mately, we want those we are serv­ing to find the one true Need Meeter, Jesus Christ. We want every rela­tion­ship to be ori­ented toward that end. Meet­ing phys­i­cal needs is impor­tant but point­ing toward answers to our deeper ques­tions of bro­ken­ness is even more critical.

Let’s rebuild our com­mu­nity on the basis of uncon­di­tional love. Please con­sider help­ing us do it by join­ing A Few Good Men’s C.O.R.D. Ini­tia­tive. This is a big vision but it is one that is achiev­able. It is build on the foun­da­tion of love, and love never fails.

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